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MED-ED Speakers

Our speakers aren’t just expert lecturers. Each one is a leader in his or her field, contributing to the education of nurses in their specialty area by publishing articles in nursing journals or developing curricula. We’re proud to include active members and officials of nursing associations, many of whom have been the recipient of prestigious annual awards.

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"Cammy did a fantastic job of being professional and keeping on track while at the same time being entertaining and keeping everyone's attention."
-- Gary C.

"Cammy is a great presenter. She teaches very well and breaks things down so that you understand. She makes the class interesting. I would take another class with her."
-- Sharnita D.

"Everything about this seminar exceeded my expectations. Michael Gooch was knowledgeable, engaging, and he varied his approach enough to keep it interesting."
-- Ashley C.

"Jeff Solheim was an excellent, informative, entertaining speaker, and I now feel prepared for the CEN Exam."
-- Bridget R.

"Pat Clutter is an amazing speaker. Not only does she hold your interest due to her great personality and stories related to her experiences in emergency medicine, she is also such a well-rounded nurse with so many other experiences that are non-emergency related [that] she is able to tie in to her lectures. She is an amazing asset to your company, and [I] am thankful that she ... [was the] speaker ... [at] my seminar. ... "
-- Amanda H.

"Erika Gabbard was an amazing and effective speaker. She was animated and funny, which made the content even easier to understand. She covered a lot of material in a one-day course. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone preparing to take the CCRN. It really shows you what you need to study further. ..."
-- Stephanie B.

"Thank you for an excellent presentation. Mrs. Linda Wright was very great in the lecture. I am a new telemetry nurse ... [and] learned a lot from her about cardiac/telemetry signs and symptoms. It is helping me with better observation and assessment of my cardiac patient[s]. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to attending one of your classes again."
-- Nida B.

"Cammy is probably the best speaker I have heard. She was able to hold interest and show practical application to the nursing field and was easy to relate to. The thoroughness of her knowledge and ability to simplify it for us to understand is a trait held by few people. She is definitely an asset to your organization."
-- Dawn W.

"Kendra Menzies Kent was an incredible speaker. She was able to present things in an interesting way and included her own experiences to emphasize learning. [She was a] very dynamic yet approachable speaker."
-- Denise K.

"Cathy Gegaris was amazing, very professional and well-educated. Her wealth of knowledge flowed into us easily! She is so easy to listen to and so informative. She was very courteous, and it was easy to ask questions. It felt more like a discussion with a friend than a stiff educational experience! She made the information so easy to understand! She deserves nothing but high praise!"
-- Donelle W.

"Edie is amazingly relative to what we do as nurses...much can be learned from her!"
-- Pamela L.

"Ms. Lisa Soltis is a very good speaker; there is not any single moment of boredom. Somehow she find ways to draw your attention by applying the topic with a real life scenario or how to approach it using your critical thinking. She make the topic sound very interesting, fun and above all, she is very knowledgeable."
-- Carmelita C.

"[Julie Bacon] is very knowledgeable and does a good job in connecting with the participants. She gave wonderful examples to clarify questions, [and] had interactive games to keep the participants positive. She teased their brains with continuous questions. It was an outstanding class!"
-- Cheryl M., St. Vincent Healthcare