Video-Based eLearning, Simulates a Live MED-ED Seminar.

MED-ED's On-Demand eLearning combines streaming video/audio and PowerPoint presentations for an easy viewing experience using your Internet connection 24/7. CE Post-Tests are administered online with instant results and printable CE Certificates. Be assured that the content is up-to-date by receiving any clinical updates to the recording anytime during your active subscription term at no additional cost.



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"Thanks for a great resource - I passed! Will be ordering the CPEN next! "
-- Danny S.

"I enjoyed it so much; I read the outline for fun!"
-- Margo G.

"It was wonderful. I watched the CD and reviewed the material numerous times. I passed my CCRN Exam this month and will continue to review the material."
-- Carri L.

"Overall, this is a wonderful way to learn and a great presentation of learning material. I learned a good deal of new information and ... would definitely use this type of program again. I prefer it greatly to reading a book."
-- Karen W.

"Miss Fancher is an excellent speaker. [She] explained the topics clearly, and [they were] easy to grasp. ... [I] love listening to my CDs while ... driving ... [and] passed my exam [the first] time."
-- Maria C.

"I am so glad I had this instead of a seminar. I feel that I learned so much more information. Thank you for making this available."
-- Donna S.

"It’s a great review for me. Cammy Fancher is precise, clear and knowledgeable. Thanks, Cammy."
-- Bonita L.

"Jeff Solheim is awesome, [an] excellent speaker. I really learned a lot! I passed the CEN in 2010. This is just a review to keep my brain stimulated. I have recommended your programs to several nurses."
-- Susan H.

"I studied the online course (eLearning) with Beth Grace, and she is a great speaker. … I am happy to say, I passed and am so relieved. … I listened to Beth Grace twice, and she really explained in a way that I got it. … Thank you again."
-- Noreen E.

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed the PCCN!! I was one of the gift certificate winners at the CURRENTS seminar and used my money to buy Cammy's CD and study guide and passed on the first try! Please let her know, too. Thanks for your continued support."
-- Heidi S