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Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann Cangialosi


Dr. Cangialosi’s expertise and passion remain in psychiatric mental health nursing. Her servant leadership demonstrates her passion to the patient as well as the entire treatment team. Among her accomplishments, she has helped to develop a transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) clinic as an alternative treatment to depression. She provides leadership and consulting services to alcohol and drug detox facilities as well as ongoing mentoring and support to those who have worked with her or studied under her teachings. She has been published in an international nursing journal, holds one copyright and currently enjoys teaching in the BSN, MSN and DNP programs of several universities, including Northern Kentucky University. Dr. Cangialosi is a life-long learner and advocate for patients and for the nurses who provide compassionate, dignified care even in the most difficult settings. She has spoken at several hospitals and as a keynote speaker at a national nursing conference.