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CMC®/CSC® Exam Review

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Course Description

This two-day seminar is designed to prepare the cardiac medical and cardiac surgical nurse to take the AACN
certification exam for cardiac medicine and/or surgery. The course focuses on adult cardiac abnormalities with a concentration on nursing assessment and medical/surgical interventions. Coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndrome, heart failure and endocarditis will be the major topics of discussion, with related medical and surgical interventions. The review will also include a brief review of pulmonary, hematology, neurology and gastrointestinal and renal systems as they pertain to the cardiac patient.

Program Learning Outcomes

This program prepares the learner to:

  • Self-report an increase in knowledge reguarding care of the cardiac medicine and surgical patient at a 90% rate.


Sign-in begins at 7:30 am. Each day includes a one-hour lunch (on your own), as well as a morning and afternoon break of 15 minutes each. The order of lectures presented and break times may vary according to speaker preference.

Day 1, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

  • Introduction to the Exam
    Requirements | How to Apply | Test Specifics | Test-Taking Strategies
  • Blueprint for the Exam
    Domains of Practice | Synergy Model
  • Anatomy Review
    Heart and Great Vessels | Coronary Artery Anatomy and Physiology | Sympathetic and Parasympathetic System | Electrical and Mechanical Function
  • Critical Components
    Cardiac and Vascular Assessment | Hemodynamics | ECG
  • Coronary Artery Disease
    Assessment | Diagnosis | Treatment Modalities
  • Heart Failure
  • Cardiac Pathophysiology
    Heart Failure | Incidence and Statistics | Diagnosis | Treatment Modalities | Vavulare Disease | Mitral Stenosis/Insufficiency | Aortic Stenosis/Insufficiency

Day 2, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

  • Nursing and Medical Treatments of Cardiac Disease in Adults
    Medical-Surgical Interventions for Coronary Artery Disease, Vavular Disease and Heart Failure
  • Plans of Care
    Preoperative Period | Techniques of Surgery | Effects of Bypass and Hypothermia
  • Postoperative and Procedural Care Goals
    Immediate Interventions | Complications | Low-Cardiac Output Syndrome | Medications and Treatment Plans | Coordination of Three Proceses to Improve Cardiac Output
  • Related Complications
    Pulmonary | Neurological | Renal | GI
  • Sections of Core Content