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Developing Collegial Workplaces

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Course Description

Lateral violence or workplace bullying are terms used to define actions between colleagues. However, how do you know if this is happening in your workplace? If you do know it’s happening, what can you do to mitigate its effects personally and professionally? What can you do as a leader at the bedside or as a leader of your unit? This course will discuss these questions and more with interactive audience discussion and sharing of ideas, concerns and questions.

Program Learning Outcomes

This program prepares the learner to:

  • Identify what lateral violence looks like in the workplace and its effects.
  • Relate positive and negative communication methods.
  • Describe how to communicate with colleagues effectively.


Sign-in begins at 7:30 am. The day includes a one-hour lunch (on your own), as well as a morning and afternoon break of 15 minutes each. The order of lectures presented and break times may vary according to speaker preference.

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

  • Introduction
    Definitions | Behaviors | Current Research | Result of Effects on Workforce
  • Methods for Deterring
    Behaviors | Support | Colleagues
  • Positive Communication Methods
    Inquiry | Advocacy
  • Audience Scenario Interaction
    Questions with Discussion
  • Developing Leadership at the Bedside
    Initiative Focus | Developing Staff Involvement | Mentorship
  • Group Work
    Discuss Various Workplace Environments | How to Incorporate Concepts Described in this Course