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Cardio Blitz

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Course Description

This one-day course is designed to introduce the nurse to methods of evaluating the patient presenting with complaints of chest pain and/or heart failure. The nurse is often the first member of the healthcare team present when the patient complains of symptoms suggesting a coronary or heart failure event may be unfolding. Cardio Blitz is a broad overview of essential cardiac information for the nurse at the bedside in CCU, ICU, PCU, ED, including clinical educators and clinical nurse specialists.

Program Learning Outcomes

This program prepares the learner to:

  • Describe the significance of understanding lead concepts.
  • List the determinants of cardiac output.
  • Describe the critical points of assessment, patterns and treatment of the patient with chest pain.
  • Discuss the NYHA classification and types of heart failure.
  • Describe the pathophysiology and pharmacological management strategies for heart failure.


Sign-in begins at 7:30 am. The day includes a one-hour lunch (on your own), as well as a morning and afternoon break of 15 minutes each. The order of lectures presented and break times may vary according to speaker preference.

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

  • Important Statistics of Heart Disease, Lead Placement and Cardiac Output
    Practice Patterns | Provider and Patient Awareness of Statistics | Data from AHA and CDC
  • Patient Assessment
    Precordial and R-Wave Progression | Role of Natriuretic Peptides | Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System | PQRST in Chest Pain | TIMI Flow | Red Flags in Chest Pain and Differential Diagnoses
  • Coronary Syndromes
    Coronary Anatomy | STEMI and NSTEMI | ECG Practice | Angina Patterns | Wellens’ and Broken Heart Syndrome
  • Understanding Types of Heart Failure
    Definition and Types (Systolic, Diastolic, Hypertropic) | NYHA Classification System | EECP | Biventricular Pacing | IABP | VADs
  • Pharmacological Management
    Beta Blockers | ACE Inhibitors | ARBs | Aldosterone Inhibitors | IV Agents
  • Alternative Treatment in Coronary Disease and Heart Failure
    TMR | Surgical Interventions