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Avoiding Legal Perils in Nursing Practice

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Course Description

This course will expose the nurse to the importance of critical documentation in EHR to prevent and defend a medical malpractice lawsuit. The elements of a medical malpractice lawsuit will be discussed along with common myths that have been perpetual in the nursing world. The critical components of the nursing process and standard of care in documentation will be addressed. Lastly, the role of HIPAA in EHR and social media will be stressed.

Program Learning Outcomes

This program prepares the learner to:

  • Identify the importance of nursing documentation to prevent and defend a medical malpractice lawsuit.
  • Describe how the nursing process and standard of care are essential components of documentation in EHR.
  • Identify the role of the nurse as it pertains to: the importance of privacy and HIPAA, EHR, social media and data breaches. 


Sign-in begins at 7:30 am. The day includes a one-hour lunch (on your own), as well as a morning and afternoon break of 15 minutes each. The order of lectures presented and break times may vary according to speaker preference.

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

  • Anatomy of a Lawsuit
    Negligence | Why do Patients Sue? | The Lawsuit
  • The M&M Saga
    Myths about Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
  • Essential Defense of the Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
    Standards of Care and EHR
  • Importance of HIPAA
    Definition | Audit Preparation | Awareness Training | Hazards of Social Media
  • Discussion