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2018 CURRENTS Conference

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Impacting Healthcare for 35 Years

For 35 years, nurses across the nation have chosen CURRENTS as the conference that prepares them for the management of the high-acuity patient. Today’s healthcare providers of every field need a breadth of specialized knowledge, skills and experience to promote patient safety and ensure optimum outcomes. At CURRENTS 2018, a group of select experts will provide attendees with in-depth concepts of patient care along with new technologies that inform and support evidence-based, safe care for the high-acuity patient.

There is currently not a featured seminar.

"This was a GREAT conference. I am so excited to take this information back to my hometown hospital and begin using it in my daily practice. I can't wait to attend next year's conference! Thank you, CURRENTS."
-- Kristy B.

"I had a great time at the conference! I feel much more empowered as a nurse and learned more here in 3 days than at any other conference I have ever gone to."
-- Melissa F.

"The experience was great and the education was really good. As a military nurse, [this was] great information to take back to my unit and keep us updated and in touch with the civilian world."
-- Edward W.

"This was by far one of the best conferences I have attended! Everyone was enthusiastic, positive, and really knew what they were talking about! The location was great, laid back and fun. I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun and educational conference to attend this one!"
-- Karen V.

"Beautiful, well organized, packed full of information! I like that this conference provides large amounts of information that can be utilized to transform bedside care as well as understanding the background of why we give, provide and do what we do."
-- Angela A.

"The staff at CURRENTS remind me how proud I am to be a registered nurse. They communicate well and show a genuine concern for how our profession should advance into the future."
-- Carol T.

"The speakers were great. I found them all to be incredibly knowledgeable and I really felt I walked away and learned something. They were engaging and not just reading the PowerPoints. They made learning fun!"
-- Lisa M.

"It was a good refresher to different topics and [an] easy way of getting the updates related to our practice...and the choice of venue is excellent! The place was wonderful and very relaxing! Thank you, CURRENTS! That was an educational and a vacation experience at the same time!"
-- Dolores M.

"I absolutely loved this conference. It really reminded me why I became a nurse and how important my job really is. The speakers were all wonderful and I can only someday hope to be as intelligent and well spoken as each and every one of them. ...Overall, the session was wonderful and I can't wait to attend next year's conference!"
-- Lisa H.

"Wonderful conference! I learned so much and loved meeting other people from all over the United States. The conference motivated me to continue improving my practice and education, and relit that spark of passion I have as a nurse to care compassionately for my patients."
-- Catie S.